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Web development in the sense I'm using it is making a website work, a back-end programmer (all the code that the user doesn't see). For example you may need your website to gets its content from a database. It also means taking interactivity between the user and the server and other people and even other websites and making it happen.

PHP LogoPHP is a object oriented server side scripting language. What this means is you can program the server running the website to do different things depending on what page the user goes to, some pretty complex things. I use the latest PHp 5 with apache 2.

Kohana LogoKohana a is light weight PHP 5 framework. Using Kohana makes building websites faster and easier, reducing production cost both now and in the future. It uses the MVC programming pattern, this organizes different parts of the programming into clean manageable logical places which leads to manageable and less bug prone code.

MySQL Logo MySQL is my choice in a database solution. It runs on many platforms and works right along with PHP to provide not only a easy to understand programming experience but also a fast one. MySQL is offered right along with php in just about every hosting company and comes preinstalled on many platforms this makes it very easy to get support/run yourself/find a cheap solution.

This really falls underneath web development but its important that it's explained in full. Today people are using their web browser more and more and relying less on installed computer programs, example is you can check your email from any computer using the internet and internet browser rather than a program on your computer. This shift in technology is huge, it allows people to be anywhere and still access important data, any internet device can access it, no software setup is needed for each computer and not only could it be used inside a business but also specific data within a web application could be allowed to the customers that business provides to, if need be, with no software installation needed.

A web application uses all the described technology both under "web development" and "web design" and they all work together from pulling data from a database to processing that data to displaying it to the user in a easy to understand manner and allowing them to manipulate it. I offer solutions for business's in need of processing and managing their data/databases from anywhere in the world.

Web design in the sense I'm using is creating everything a user sees and interacts with (also known as a front-end developer and/or UI designer). I design with the principle of minimalistic or simplistic, making sure the user isn't flooded with all the content/information at once but giving the user selected content and allowing them to switch between content when they choose. I also design with the user in mind asking myself not what I would do but what the normal average user would approach and perceive the interface, making sure that they understand it naturally with little or no instruction.

HTML is what describes what a website is and how it's structured. It's how you create links to other websites, what content goes where and the basic layout of a website. Theres only one way to write good HTML and thats by hand, no program can generate it for you in a good/clean way, and of course I'm familiar with all the new technologies of the advancing HTML standard.

CSS uses the HTML of a website and describes advanced visuals for the structure of a web page. Things like border, size of a box, text size, font, background color, etc. is all done with CSS. It even allows for creating complex layouts and with the new CSS3 standard animations, drop shadows, rounded corners, gradients, and more advanced visuals. Without CSS the web would be a very ugly place and not fun or easy to use.

Prototype Logo I use javascript a lot in my websites. It goes beyond just displaying text and images, it allows that text and images to move, fade in and out, display what the browser is doing, like loading, and can verify data like email. To make things go way faster, cross-platform friendly, and less bug prone I use the Prototype Javascript framework. What this means is it contains useful code that I would have to write anyway but with the framework I can skip the basic programming and start working on the complex code right away. is a Javascript library for the Prototype framework that has predefined code that allows me to animate things. Fading, appearing, moving, morphing all happens through this library and offers fast development for animation with queuing and other advanced options for precise UI (User Interface) control.

I'm currently taking graphic design jobs. Postcards/business cards or whatever you can think of I can help get what you want.